Bob the Amigurumi Zombie!

$15.00 USD


Product Description

Bob is not having the best day...He came in to work expecting to just check over his TPS reports when the zombie invasion struck. He's a big picture guy so he's gonna go with the flow. And just in case your worried, he's not unreasonable...I mean no one's gonna eat your eyes!

Bob the Amigurumi Zombie!

Quirky Crochet

Welcome friends! I taught myself to crochet in 2008 and haven't stopped yet! I discovered Amigurumi and quickly fell in love. Since then I have begun playing with jewelry and other Quirky Crochet. I design most of my own patterns. Each piece is an individual work of art, soooooo no two are identical. Pieces are fun and perfect to sit on a desk or shelf. I am growing and evolving as an artist.
Hopefully you will find here things you won't find anywhere else!
Please contact me with custom requests.